If you’re visiting Gulf Coast Vineyard for the first or second time, we want you to know that we are so glad you’re here! We often say that there are “No perfect people allowed” at the Vineyard, so please don't be nervous and just come as you are. Wearing jeans? Forgot deodorant? Running late because the kids wouldn't brush their teeth and get their shoes on? No problem. We believe that God meets us exactly where we’re at in life. You can expect to be welcomed at the door, served a free cup of coffee, and experience the presence of God through worship and an encouraging and challenging message.



At the Vineyard we take a simple approach to church. We love people and we love Jesus. We believe that engaging with God - being in His presence - is the most important thing. Without God’s presence we’re just singing songs and hanging out, but in His presence everything changes; we’re made new, we’re set free, and we’re brought to life.